Thursday, November 30, 2017

IRIS M Guide Cheats - Redeem Codes & Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The same version of the IRIS M you think is in the world of fiction!

Do you think that you live in an earthly world that is full of pride?
Meet new people, the story in many stories also teaches the secret of the power to counteract terrorism in the world.

Explore the world of IRIS: As a Thien, God's servant is blessed with Arian's strength, your responsibility to protect your long-suffering.

Join other members in the guild, participate in the battle between PVP, PVE and PVPV, to identify people who are real defense of the land.

While looking for Thiya's country, you say where is best for you, to overcome this problem, which presented it.

Customize your character and fashion
Choose from three types of castes and different hair and make your character, then dress it with stylish costumes, weapons guns and different sets of armor, even more.

Do not end the story
The easiest interesting story of Thailand is parallel with many NPC characters and power

Change to 'shiny'
Change of war in one of three different ways and challenges of your enemies

Do it yourself!
Create your own farm, minerals and mines to create a variety of raw materials used to make your luggage

Astra Card Collection
You can subscribe Astra card by creating your relationship with the NPC and every Astra card has a lot of extra space for your character!

Find the Darkness!
Explore 25 different basementes with your colleagues, including special competitions in the dungeons, hunt for special gifts and fix issues for the best gift

Siege War and Guild Wars
Find out that your guild castle is the most important part of the war!

Real Real Time PVP and PK!
Experience in any Open World calendar real time PK Fight with other player with battle royale style

Crazy World Lord
Meet other players to destroy the Lord's and other powerful enemies

Wake up your wings!
Your brightness makes you stronger, your wings grow stronger than your strength. Take away your power and tell others how much you have!

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