Saturday, March 19, 2016

Prehistoric Worm Deep Sea Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Cards are powerups which give you better attributes on each game!
There are also cards which are only to collect.

In Islands menu, here you can choose your favorite islands.
To unlock new islands you have to reach the required level.

These are your current quests. Finish a quest to get coins or sawdust and to get xp to reach a new level.

Before each game you receive three random cards from your collection. If you want to reroll you can lock/unlock a particular card by pressing on it. It is possible to create your own sets in the 'Card" Menu.

One small hint: You can dash by double pressing the A to not bounce off objects and to have a bigger hit radius.
You can pause the game by pressing the right top corner.

You can buy upgrades and other cool stuff in the 'Shop' and you can get free coins the Offers menu.
Simply swipe horizontally over the screen in the main menu to navigate.

With sawdust you can unlock particular cards or you can buy packs with coins to get cards.

One last hint: Complete quests to increase your amount of coins and sawdust.
You also get 3 free presents after you reach a new level. Oh, and I lost some packs.
If you find them, you can keep them.

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