Saturday, March 5, 2016

Days of Discord Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Deploy your fighters to whittle away at the enemy's Life Points. We win once they've hit zero.

Life Points, make them last, or you're history.

The goal is to hit their leader

Choose from your ranks and drag a lucky soul to an open spot. You can tap them to learn more.

All fighters have Attack and Health. When an Attack matches or overpowers an opponent's Health, it's history.

Ordering forces into battle has a cost: Energy. You can add fighters until your Energy runs out.

Cards sink to the bottom of the Rack when you don't have enough Energy to place them.

Attacks are exchanged directly across the battlefield, and move from left to right.

Focus on busting through their walls. You can only take out one at a time, so look for the enemy's weakest positions!

Only one wall will be destroyed, regardless of how much attack force hits it.

Some creatures have grown truly massive, especially bugs! That Glass Mantis can break down more than one wall at a time! Good luck crushing that under your boot!

Clusterbombs spread their damage - dead ahead and to the sides.

Golden Golem boosts the health of any adjacent fighter.

Bestial boosts the attack strength of his neighbors.

Red Novice‘s attack is boosted by adding any type of Equipment to her.

Whispered Caller will try to trap her opponent before the round begins.

Powers are your secret weapon. They take effect right before your fighters attack - a nasty surprise for your enemies.

Drag Spike Shot to an enemy position to do one damage to that enemy.

Champion Abilities activate before Powers and fighters attack.

Online PvP pits you head-to-head against fighters like you all over the world. Your victories will earn rewards and move you up the leaderboards.

If you're not ready to jump into PvP, Solo Battle is a great way to hone your skills against intelligent opponents and earn rewards you can use to beef up your troops and add to your Powers.

Create and edit the lineup of fighters you take into battle.

Make Powers by fusing Resources you've earned, then bring them in to combat.

Use the Credits you've earned to get new recruits and Resources and to make alliances with Champions.