Monday, March 14, 2016

Clash of Greeks and Romans Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Main Tower Guide

Weapon that is capable of throwing stones far distances.
Simple construction makes it cheap, but at the same time effective and reliable.

It is works well to defend against weak enemy forces including infantry.
This is the only weapon capable of accurately shooting air targets.
- High rate of fire
- Average damage
- Average range

The invention of Chinese craftsmen come to us.
The gunpowder allows to throw heavy cannon-balls right to the thick oi enemy forces.

Excellent weapon for the fight with large crowds of enemies but due to the long flight of the bull it fits badly for the defense from quick and single targets.
- Average rate of fire
- Massive damage
- High range

What can be more dangerous than Jupiter‘ anger?
Nothing but tamed lightning, the weapon of the great inventor Riellies.

The enemy's equipment can't oppose electric discharges from this weapon.
At the same time it works poorly for defense against infantry because the soldiers wear leather armor and protect themselves with wooden shields.
- Average rate of fire
- Long electric damage
- Average range

Only the combination of Neptune and Aquilo's power allows you to create a weapon like this.

It freezes the earth while throwing pieces of ice.
The weapon delivers weak damage but the enemies move slowly giving you a huge advantage over them.
- Average rate of fire
- Weak damage
- Average range
- Very good slowdown of the enemy

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