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7 Mages Walkthrough Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

7 Mages Walkthrough Guide


1. pick up skull
2. put skull on the platform
3. do not forget press button to open secret door

1. Put some weight on first platform
2. Step on second platform - as first platform is weighted it does not open trap again
3. Pull the lever to open first grate in central room.
4. Do not forget collet things behind secret door (the button is on the opposite wall
5. Push tombs (just make a step into the tomb) in order to close trap doors in the floor near (6).
6. By pushing tombs you need to make a way to hidden button first (on the wall near number 6). Then you need to go through secret way, open another secret door at the end and push third tomb. As last step make a way on the other side in room with trap doors.
7. Pull the lever to open second grate in central room.
8. Do not forget to open secret door and collect new battle maneuver.
9. Make two steps inside trap hallway (with moving spiky wall). Then tap five times anywhere on graves and make last step.
10. Return back and in the niche behind moving wall find another hidden button. This one opens way to stairs down.

1. Drop all tour weapon (shields too) and step in front of this door.
2. Get broken coffin.
3. Put broken coffin on the hole in the bridge.
4. Divide party (sliding his portrait to the right). Send one to elevator and pull the lever with another one. Switch to upper party member, get out the elevator and send empty elevator down. Switch to lower party member, move him to the elevator and switch back. Call elevator up.

After crypt go to the swamp. Yes, I know you can go to the ship or any other level that is already opened but... simply go to the swamps.

1. make first step into swamp then tap on liana.
2. grab two poles
3. knock down the tree (juts make a step into it)
4. pick up third pole
5. Use three poles on tree with three holes.
6. Cut (three times) hollow tree and step into the teleport.
7. Grab two blu stones
8. There is a sidewalk drowned under the water surface. Carefully, step by step (test and back or forward) find a way through it.
9. Shoot crows down (like with fireballs)
10. Make the skull looking to the gate (just tap on it)
11. Pick two lily leafs and put them on the water. Count your steps, lily leafs get dry very quickly. Use lily leafs in order you picked them.
12. Insert two blue stones into corps eyeholes. Split up tour party and open first gate (turn this dead-man-goes-around by one quarter). Send one party member to the first gate, switch to second one and turn carousel again.

Slave ship
Before you get onboard buy some food (or looter music) and/or some potions. You can't go out the ship until you finish it.

1. On 3rd lower deck damage keel (by sword for example). It free main hero on 1st deck.
2. Kill halfgiant, pick up one-key, open floor door and throw the key down. Down the 3rd deck pick this key and free yourself with it.
3. Pick up the mattress and put it under the hole. Then jump with main hero down and reunite your party.
4. Kill slaver and pick up tar (and a two-keys). Fix the hole you made with tar (otherwise safety door on 3rd deck will not open).

If you can't pass next one-key door then stand on the call-point and use slavers horn on yourself to call another half giants (kill them and grab the keys).

5. With two-keys open the grate.
6. Pull the chain.
7. Pick up the lever.
9. Repair elevator mechanism and with same system as in the crypt get your party to captain's cabin.

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