Sunday, February 28, 2016

Robocide Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How do I win the second reward?
The chances are 10% for the rarer item and you need
to always win the battlefield with 3 stars.
If you have already won the map with 3 stars you can
always try to use the A.l. Subroutines to win the battle
without having to play it again.

How do I win a battle?
Battles are won by removing all opposition from the
battlefield. Clear and simple.
Destroying all enemy-controlled factories does not
result in victory, as every single hostile robot in the area
will need to be terminated. By destroying their factories
you will however severely limit their fighting and
production abilities.
Keep an eye on the meter at the top of your screen. It
will show you how close you are to crush the enemy or
be crushed instead.

How do I gain 3 Stars on a battlefield?
Each battlefield holds three objectives. For each one
you claim, a Star will be gained, but only if you win the
You first objective in each battle is always to
completely destroy all opposition: Bots, Titans and
factories. This will earn you one Star and ensure
victory over your opponent.
The other two objectives on a battlefield are optional
and are represented by Cargo rocket launch pads.
Destroy them before time runs out to claim these
additional Stars.
Remember, Commander, Stars are necessary to unlock
new planets.

How do Daily Missions work?
Daily Missions offer short term goals with easy
rewards to help you in your fight against the robot
You can have a maximum of 3 at any given time and
can chose to remove the ones that don't fit you by
simply tapping on the red "X" on the le1"t. Completed or
removed Missions will refresh after 8 Earth Hours.
Each Mission states the requirements for completion,
the Crystal reward and a progression chart.