Wednesday, February 17, 2016

KENDALL & KYLIE Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How do I claim my reward for the Krossover event?
The popup windows in both Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and Kendall & Kylie  explaining the Krossover event are temporary (they show for each player for 24h after you first see them) but the ability to claim the rewards is perpetual. Once you initiate the Krossover event, you have unlimited time to claim the rewards!

When you are level 7+ in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, the window displays the rewards the player will receive in KKH for reaching level 8 in K&K:

Play the new Kendall & Kylie game that is now available in the (App Store/Google Play store.)
Reach level 8 in Kendall & Kylie to get this exclusive outfit in Kim Kardashian:Hollywood!
Once you are at level 8 on Kendall & Kylie, the window displays "We hope you're enjoying Kendall & Kylie! Return to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on your device and receive a call from Simon to complete the krossover quest!"
Tap on button "Collect + Kim Kardashian: Hollywood", which will take you to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game.
Simon will call and give you couple a of quests.
The quest takes place at PopGlam in Downtown LA
When the quest is complete. All the rewards are unlocked in you closet (after hitting the collect button from the quest)
Once you have done this, please open your wardrobe and scroll down to the lowermost part of the closet to find the clothing from the event!

Where can I find "Perry"?
Perry can be found in  "Abaisse Apartments" which is located in  "Beverly Hills".

Do I have to tap the Cash, Energy, and Experience Points that pop out? Do I still collect them if I don’t tap?
If you tap Cash, Energy, and Experience Points rewards you’ll immediately pick them up. If you don’t tap them, you’ll automatically get them after a few seconds. However, if you do tap on them, each one reduces the time until your next Energy point recharges by 5 seconds.

Why should I buy a house?
Each house has unique furniture to collect and may even have a unique pet!

Why should I buy pets?
Pets not only add cute additions to your homes, tapping them also help you recover some energy when you need it the most!

What are Followers?
Followers represent how many fans you have in the game. YourFollowers count is shown in the top-right of your screen. When you begin the game, you’re in the “new” club (0 Followers). Your objective is to gain enough Followers to advance to each successive Followers club. The best way to do this is by completing projects, dates, etc.

How do I get Followers?
The number of Followers you gain or lose are determined by your performance on (and duration of) projects, dates, etc., and also by your rank.
If you finish a 3 hour project with 4 out of 5 stars before the time runs out, you will get fewer followers than if you finished the same job with 5 out of 5 stars.

If you’re in a higher club, you will get longer tasks and earn more followers for a perfect completion than people in the lower Followers clubs.

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