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World of Darkness Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game


A player can improve his/her combat power through various ways in the game. The
higher the com bat power. the faster the pace of battle will be.
7—Batters = Weapons original 3—Batters Times + Weapon's extra 2—Batters Times +
Wing's extra 2—Batters Times. Each phase of attack will be enhanced with bonus Damage
Value. The higher the Batter level, the more the bonus Damage will be.

Improve your game level to unlock more (higher—level] Skills. The higher the Skill Level.
the higher the Damage value will be. Make various Batters combinations to make the
gameplay easier.

By owning a Pet. player will be entitled to more Buff effects. The higher the Pet Quality.
the better the buff effects will be.
By defeating monsters. there will be certain probability to drop various combat Buffs.

Wing is a special equipment that enhances Attack Power of the player.


Each Instance consists of several Chapters. To open each Instance, player has to complete
certain quests.

Each Instance consists of 10 Chapters. The first 9 chapters are ordinary chapters. and the
10th chapter is the BOSS Chapter.
To unlock each chapter, player has to complete certain quests.
Player cannot directly enter into BOSS Chapter.


Equipment is classified into 8 components. The basic stat for Weapon and Wing: Attack
Power; The basic stat for Helmet, Clothes, Handguard, Shoes, Necklace. and Hing: Defense

Equipment is classified into 5 qualities/types :
White (Ordinary)
Blue (Fine)
Yellow (Legend)
Green (Myth!
The higher the quality of Equipment, the more additional Stats will be given.
The higher the quality of Equipment, the better the Stat will be.
The higher the quality of Weapon [Wing], the higher the rate of generating Batters will

By using the Refinery System. a player can refine an equipment into an "Original Stone".
Original Stone can be used in the process of Strengthen, Synthesis, Embed, and

Formula of Synthesis: Equipment = Synthesis Recipe + a random Equipment (or a random
Gem. a random Runestone) + Magic Stone (optional).
Synthesis Recipe is classified into 4 types: Weapon Synthesis Recipe, Armor Synthesis
Recipe. Accessories Synthesis Recipe. and Wing Synthesis Recipe.
In the process of Synthesis, the higher the quality (level) of inserted Equipment (Gem.
Runestone). the higher the success rate will be.
Put in Magic Stone. so that the synthesized equipment will be added with the Stat of
Magic Stone.

The highest Strengthen Level of an equipment is Level 60.
For every 20 Strengthen Levels. the equipment will be added with Glow effect. The higher
the Strengthen Level. the stronger the Glow effect will be.
Collect a full set of equipment with Strengthen Level 60. which consists of 4 components
(Helmet. Clothes. Handguard. Shoes). in order to get the light effect of Set Package.
Strengthen the Wing to Level 60 to get special light effect.

Only the perforated equipment is allowed to be involved in the Embed process.
Embed the Gems of different colours, in order to get the corresponding Stat for each type
of Gem.

Use the Purification System to reset the Stat value of your Equipment. Keep reset the
value until you’re satisfied.
Only the equipment with quality level of Superior, Legend, or Myth is allowed to be
involved in Purification.


Pet is classified into 5 qualities. The higher the quality, the higher the level of pet will be
Runestone can be used to enhance the effects of Pet Skill.

Pet is classified into 4 qualities/types :
White [Ordinary]
Blue {Fine}
Yellow (Legend)
Green {Myth}
The higher the Pet Quality. the more Pet Skills will be allowed to add—in for a pet.

Runestone has a total of 4 colours/types :
Flunestone {Blue} ——Redute tooling time of (Pet) Skill, extend duration time, and
improve effects
Runestone [Yellow] ilncrease effect of (Pet) Skill
Runestone {Green) ——Extend duration of (Pet) Skill

Set Up

By setting up a Stall. a player can sell unused item to other players.
Set-up Stall
Open the interface of Setup Stall, and click on the Market List to view the goods which
are available for purchase at the moment [Please make your choice carefully. Once
bought. the goods cannot be returned).
Click the My Stall button to put your selected Backpack items into the stall to sell them to
other players at the market.
If you want to take certain item off the stall, just click on the specified item in the stall.
The process of Setup Stall requires a certain amount of procedure fees.


By participating in battles at PK Field. players can challenge each other to fight for higher

PK Field
Every day, each player is given 10 free—of—charge times to enter into PK Field to challenge
other players. If you win the challenge, you will get a large amount of Honour Value as
rewards. If you lose the challenge. you will still get a small amount of Honour Value.
The available Challenge Times will increase along with the increment of the player's VIP
As for the player list in each challenge. the game system will select the top 10 players and
the last 10 players on current ranking. If the player ranked Top 10, the system will select
more players on the lower ranking to make up the number of 20 players.

Honour Palace
Honour Palace displays the player's current ranking and Honour value. The player can also
collect current reward for Honour Value by clicking on the button at the left bottom of
interface. On the right side. You can view the current Honour ranking of all players in the
same server.

Record of Challenge
Record of Challenge displays the details of recent challenges taken by a player.
Record of Being Challenged displays the details of recent challenges that initiated by other
parties to the player.


Players can communicate with other players in the game by making good use of the
Social feature.

Friend List
Friend List displays the players who have been added as friend by a player. If you do not
have a friend yet, please click the Add Friend button on the right side of Friend List, and
then enter the name of a specified player to add him/her as a friend.

Online Player
Online Player list displays current online players who play in the same game server. Click a
random online player to start a chat, do a transaction. initiate a challenge, add as friend.
and so on.


A player can enjoy the game with multiple players by creating a Guild

Create Guild
Player can open the Social interface and click on the Guild List, and then click the Create
Guild button at the top right of interface to create a Guild.
The player must reach Level 25 to qualify for Guild creation.

Guild Ranking
Every member in a Guild has individual PK Points. The 1st place will be entitled to 200 PK
Points, and the 2nd place will get 199 PK Points, and so forth. The higher the ranking, the
more PK Points will be rewarded. Players who ranked after 200 will not get any PK Point.
Guild Total Point is the sum of all Guild members’ PK Points.
The more the total point, the higher the ranking will be.
A Guild that achieved certain rank will get beneficial BUFF.