Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The World II Guide Cheats - Dorrit Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The World II Hunting BOSS Single Version Guide

Dorrit Guide
Job: Knight
Attack Mode: Melee Attack
Talent Skills: Triumph

Story: Tiny but strong loving the tinkling of forging weapons and running business in arms, a great swordsman herself.

Skill Guide
1st Skill: Long dash forward with a finishing attack of ground attack.
Tip: This skill can be used to evade enemy's attack or to quickly chase the moving enemy. However don't use this skill when your enemy is stunned or at vulnerable state.

2nd Skill: A one swing followed by a 360 swing.
Tip: Use this skill when you are in a melee range, it has a big damage output. If you are far from the enemy, just use the 1st skill and followed by this skill.

Ultimate Skill: Two long range slashes.
Tip: High output damage and can be used in a melee or long range.
Best combo for Dorrit skills are: Ultimate Skill -> 1st Skill -> 2nd Skill.

Out of three heroes currently available, Dorrit is the most balanced and versatile hero. Dorrit has a fast movement speed and attack speed with a skills that can evade/charge attack, powerful melee attack and a long ranged attack.