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Dynasty of Dungeons Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

In battle, each side stands on a grid of nine squares. Before battle, you can draw and reposition your demons, but once the battle starts positions can no longer be changed. A character's position determines which enemy they will target and who will attack them in return. In most cases, position also determines which targets are affected by that character's fury skill.

Close-combat fighters include the Overlord, Bruisers, and Strikers. During battle they must prioritize attacking front row enemies. Once the enemies in that row have been eliminated, they can begin to attack the next row.

Long-range fighters include Destroyers and Enchanters. During battle, they must prioritize attacking enemies in the column opposite them. Once the enemies in that column have been eliminated, they can begin to attack the next column.

Players take the role of a close-combat fighter. Initially your strongest suit is defense but as you level up your offense and defense attributes will become more balanced.

Close-combat Fighter, adept at defense. Can withstand and absorb high levels of enemy damage. Recommend front row position.

Close-combat Fighter, good at offense. Deals heavy damage to enemies but has weak defense. Recommend safe position away from enemy Fire. Appropriate positioning allows concentrated Fire against first row enemy targets.

Long-range Fighter, good at offense. Deals heavy damage to enemies but has weak defense. Recommend safe position away from enemy fire. Appropriate positioning can bypass Front row Bruisers to allow the speedy removal of high damage-dealers in the enemy back row.

Long-range Fighter, specialist in control. Can bolster teammate attributes or cripple enemy attributes but has weak defense. Recommend safe position away from enemy Fire.

Attack order
During each round of attack, all characters attack once in order of descending speed. Once everybody has attacked once, the next round begins.

Normal Skill
Normal skills are automatically triggered and automatically released. Some are in sync with normal attacks, while others are triggered at the end of a normal attack to deal extra damage. Different normal skills are triggered by different requirements.

Fury gradually accumulates during battle. You gain fury when you use normal attacks or take damage, the latter causing a greater increase in fury. Fury is limited to a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 100 and is expended by using fury skills. Fury is preserved between battles within the same dungeon. When one of your demons dies in combat, you receive a huge boost in fury to expedite your revenge!

Fury Skill
Fury skills must be triggered manually and consume a set value fury. Fury skills are not by a round's sequence of attacks. Rather, they are queued as an extra attack to be performed directly after conclusion of the current action. After releasing a fury attack, it goes on cool down for several rounds before it can be triggered again.

Skill tips
It is inadvisable to use your skills without planning. It makes a world of difference when you alter the timing and sequence of your skills according to the situation. For example, wait to use an skill that absorbs damage until the last moment before an enemy high damage-dealer strikes. To establish an
advantageous position, you need only scrutinize the battlefield situation and patterns for two or three pivotal factors and exploit them.

Deploy tips
Bruisers out front, damage and control in the back: these are only the basics of positioning. To maximize the e ect of your skills and minimize those of ‘your enemy, you must more succinctly research the ways enemy positioning interacts with the inherent tactics of their skills. Test the truth of your strategies by fighting more dungeon battles.

Team tips
No combination of demons is invincible, but some certainly compare favorably to others. We don't know what would happen if four Bruisers were pitted against four Enchanters. Unlimited discovery, creation, surprises, and delight feed the skill of organizing compositions.

As an Overlord conqueror, your mission is to unify all Edenia through subjugation. The road you walk is not a smooth one You will often find yourself at a standstill or facing unknown dangers. At these times, you must make the dangerous choice to rely entirely on yourself. Help is not coming. This is what it means to be a tyrant.

Unlock Demon
Every time you conquer a region, you capture its leader. Beating their souls into submission is the innate power of an Overlord. If you wish to employ more tactics, you must unlock and train more demons.

Tax and Gold
All regions pay taxes at a regular interval. The more regions you conquer, fine more gold for your coworkers. The regions toward the end of your campaign n can be taxed more heavily. Gold in the of tax revenue is indispensable for training demons to achieve their devastating potentials.

Equipment and Relic
On the road to total domination you will occasionally find relics among the ruin of your battlefields. They are a valuable resource used to upgrade Overlord equipment, which in turn elevates the fighting power of your whole army. Every equipment slot has a distinctive attribute, so it is important to remember which dungeons different types of relics are found in.

Soul and Essence
Souls are used to empower your demon skills. After upgrading an skill, its power is increased, leading to further qualitative changes. Since fury skills are far more powerful, upgrading them requires another, scarcer resource: Essences. Winning even just one Essence is cause for celebration.

Soul harvester
The gladiators who once died in the coliseum were cursed with everlasting unrest. Their spirits are still locked in an endless cycle of battles. After each duel they complete, the coliseum collects a shard of their souls, which are stored in your soul harvester. We reap these souls at intervals and use them to upgrade skills. If you have the gold for it, it is recommended to upgrade your soul harvester so you can increase the rate at which it collects souls. We wouldn't want their torment to go to waste, would we?

The coliseum links Overlords of different realms. Here they can fight decisive battles and hone their skills. At the same time, victors in the coliseum claim the right to the souls currently collected in their opponent's harvester. It can be a highly efficient method for garnering more souls. More importantly,
defeating powerful opponents in the coliseum is the only way to win Essences.

All demons draw their owner from four basic magics, and as a powerful Overlord, you must use all Four types to evolve. Evolution Fundamental y bolsters the basic skills and the potential For training of your demons.

Black Tower
There is a gigantic s ace-time rift in the center of Edenia. It leads to another dimension and a towering magical structure the Black Tower. This vast tower, built by ancient sorcerers, controls the continent with its power of suppression. However, the cruel tower is now just a shadow of its might in Former days. Now, Overlords from all over seek to claim its residual magic For themselves,
yet only an Overlord powerful and daring enough to seize all Four magics can escape the tower still clinging to life.

Ranking Bonus
The Black Tower leader board displays the true power of all Overlords. The leader board is supported by the wealthiest merchants on the continent and serves as an indispensable consulting material For how they make their investments. The top Overlord can always rely on under the table dealings with interested merchant parties to provide secret capital sponsorship.

In the taverns and on the back streets, people hear rumors of the Overlord's mighty feats. You will receive wild congratulations and ample gifts every time you mark a great achievement. A plan to complete these achievements guarantees more resources to quicken the pace of your campaign to conquer the world.

The alchemist has no idea where these bizarre gems came from. Some say they are the tears
of ancient dragons, while others claim they are dust from the world of magic. In brief, they can be used to produce fantastic effects, and the Mysterious Shop merchant likes them. There will always be some Overlords who employ unknowable powers. They tend to produce astonishing piles of gems and know how to use them. And all this is done to conquer Edenia.

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