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The Pyraplex Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The Pyraplex
In this simulation, you construct and
develop an ancient pyramid. Train
staff and foster international trade to
build your civilization into a new
wonder of the world!

Game Flow
Direct your staff in the development of
shops and homes. Increase trade with
other nations as you aim for a
five-star pyramid rating.

Staff Assignments
Your staff will take up the tasks you
assign them, and their abilities will
grow accordingly. They may learn new
skills once those abilities improve

Staff Assignment 1
Quarrying : Quarry stone blocks to use
for construction from the massive wall
just outside the pyramid. Iron,
sapphires, and other materials may
turn up in the process.

Staff Assignment 2
Construction: Transport the stone
blocks required to each construction
site. As your staff's abilities grow,
their walking speed and carrying
capacity will increase.

Staff Assignment 3
Service: Assisting customers
encourages them to purchase more. It
also earns you more Heart Points,
which can be used for a variety of
renovations and other activities.

Staff Assignment 4
Crafting: Handicrafts can be sold as
exports or placed in amenities. The
crafts your staff can make will vary
according to their abilities.

Staff Experience
As your staff members quarry, build,
assist customers, and make crafts,
their proficiency in each area will
grow, improving their work efficiency
and unlocking new skills.

Basic Staff Attributes
Stamina: Affects quarrying and
Dexterity: Affects crafting.
Intelligence : Affects many areas.
Charisma: Improves trade success

Tourists will start visiting once you join the
Pyramid Association. Those who
accumulate enough hearts may introduce
visitors from other countries.

Heart Points
You can earn Heart Points through your
pyramid's amenities, by assisting
customers, and through trade. You receive
the same number of hearts that your
customers do.

Price: Price per product.
Appeal: Increases visitors.
Pyramid Power: Affects how much
customers buy.

You can improve your amenities by using
Heart Points to renovate them. Do so
repeatedly to develop five-star amenities.

Power Spots
Placing compatible amenities adjacent to
each other generates an arcane power
with a beneficial effect on your pyramid.
You can check the Spot Guide from the
game menu.

Merchants and customers will sometimes
send requests. Fulfilling them earns
stamps in your stamp card. Just
remember that some requests have time

Items you craft or excavate can be sold to
other countries. Countries with whom you
develop close ties may impart cultural
knowledge to you.

Pyramid Review
The Pyramid Association will evaluate
your pyramid once a year. Aim for the gold
medal by improving your pyramid's shape,
number of amenities, and aesthetics.

Improving your pyramid's total appeal will
bring in more visitors.

Pyramid Power
As your Pyramid Power grows, more staff
applicants will be drawn to you, and
customers will buy more.

Gamep|ay Tips
Build while keeping a beautiful pyramid
shape in mind. It's vital to adapt
instructions to your staff as circumstances

The game "ends" at the end of the third
month of the 16th year. You can register
your total funds and points as a high
score. Afterward, you can continue
playing as long as you like.

If you complete the game and start a new
one, you can carry over your Power Spot
Guide and your staff's basic abilities. This
should make it easier to get a new high

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