Monday, October 27, 2014

Royal Guardian:For Honor Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Royal Guardian:For Honor "Ghost Warriors Speed Fight" Guide

Character level: up 99
Power: Increases defense of all the characters, increasing the attack power of soldiers.
Agility: Increases dodge and crit, increasing attack power thieves. physical: Increase character limit life.
Intelligence: Increase magic character limit increase attack power Master.
Blood: People blood, when reduced to 0:00, people died.
Magic: People mana, release skills need to consume.

to create a synthesis: to build equipment in the blacksmith menu, only when there is some chance of synthetic weapons excellent results, while others will not, superior weapon upgrade more than the original basis; create a certain success rate, the more the lower success rate of advanced equipment, diamonds have a higher success rate and failure does not consume the material, the higher the rating, the higher the success rate of a blacksmith.

attribute interface: After the prayer can be increased four basic properties of the characters, diamonds prayer can get more gain, less negative curse, pray, regardless of Save and Cancel will consume money or diamonds.

Strengthening: Strengthening weapon to increase attack power, armor increased to strengthen the defense forces, and strengthen the higher, the higher the probability of failure, but the value is also better, senior strengthen the consumption of diamonds, there is a higher rate of success.

Mosaic: The merchant can buy gemstones inlaid chest of senior prescribe senior stones, mosaic increased considerably property, the initial proposal to increase stamina gems inlaid soil.

Enchantment: The merchant can buy enchant rods, backpacks select weapons, point weapon enchant enchant be increased attack effect.

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