Monday, October 27, 2014

Age of Ishtaria Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Q. When‘s the best time to evolve my unit?
A. When you evolve your unit has no effect on
its final stats.

Q. How do I change my leader unit‘?
A. You can change the leader by going to Menu
—> View/Sell Units -> Select -> Set leader.

Q. My units aren't leveling up fast enough!
A. You can raise the level of your units more
quickly by using the Grimiores obtained in
bonus quests.

Unlock bonus quests for one hour by going to
Purify —> Brave Aura in each quest area.

Q. I can't use my M Spirit Gems!
A. In order to use higher level Spirit Gems you
must first use the lower level ones. Once you
use 20 S Spirit Gems on a unit you will be able to
use your Spirit Gems.

Q. I can't defeat the boss.
A. Each boss has their specific behavior. Once
you figure out the boss‘ actions you can start to E1
unlock the clues to taking it down.

Purifying also has its advantages, so don't forget
to purify as much as possible.

Q. Can I only attack one monster at a time?
A. You can attack multiple monsters by
changing your target mid command. You cannot-
use your powered up commands once you
change targets.

Q. In what order are my commands executed‘?
A. The commands are executed from the
monster on the left, not in the order you entered

Q. I want to see the status of my units during
A. You can see your unit status if you hold
down on them during battle.

Q. There are units I've never seen before in my
Assist menu.
A. Your Union members‘ leader units will be
chosen as your Assists.

One Pound, Slice, and Flurry Assist Units will be
assigned to your Assist Units.
When a Particular unit type is not available, an
NPC will be assigned to assist you.

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