Saturday, August 16, 2014

KittenTaxi Guide, Cheats, Tips & Strategy for Android/iPhone Game

The cheats has been removed due to a request from KittenTaxi.

KittenTaxi Tips

How do you get to the ESCAPE STAGE that I see in the "Achievements" list?
Escape stage is the ranking stage which you can find on bottom-left of the screen

What do the diamonds on the map signify? Why does a diamond show up next to some buildings, but not others?
You can get diamond/gem from the roulette after clearing the stage  It will not appear once you get it from the roulette!

What is "loadage"?
When you play each stage, you can't steal all the money from the bank, it has limited capcity to rob. 'loadge' is to show you how much you can carry the money

Do you know there are many different types of bombs to dodge? I guess you've missed an orange clay bomb which explodes after few seconds (a time bomb)
To dodge this, you have to shake your car by sliding left&right!!

Why do I always get a 0 on perfect (10%) when I finish a chase?
You'll get 'Perfect (10%) bonus' when you collect all the coins from the stage