Thursday, September 25, 2014

Haypi Kingdom: The Return of the King Guide Cheats - Disenchanting Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game


Equipment can be enhanced to get extra buff. Enhancement stone(s) are necessary for enhancements.


The equipment of rare and above quality can be upgraded to a higher-ranked piece with the same quality. After you upgrade a piece of equipment, the original piece will be replaced by the new piece however the enhancement stats will stay intact. For example, an Epic Silver Helmet with +3 enhancement state will become an Epic Gold Helmet with +3 enhancement state after an upgrade operation.

Please note that upgraded equipment also requires higher hero level.


You can acquire a rarer piece of equipment through synthesis. The rarer the equipment piece, the better materials it requires and the more the synthesis costs. Synthesis guarantees a 100% success rate. (Equipment potion of the corresponding quality is necessary for the synthesis of rare and above equipment. For example, 4 Uncommon Silver Scepters and an Equipment Potion a! will become a Rare Silver Scepter after a synthesis operation. )


You can disenchant unwanted pieces of equipment. You'll get a certain amount of Metal Pieces after a disenchanting operation and you will have chance to get a certain kind of enhancement stone(s) as well.

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