Sunday, September 14, 2014

Giants & Dwarves TD Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Tower Types
Melee Tower: Low Damage, Good to block enemies.
Archer Tower: Medium Damage, Good rate of fire.
Mage Tower: High Damage, Good rate of fire.
Cannon Tower: High Areal Damage, Low rate of fire.

Get gold bonus by calling wave earlier.

Unit Vulnerabilities: Some enemies are weak against a certain type of attack, while some are immune.

Your star rating depends on your castle's HP.
18-20 Three Stars.
10-17 Two Stars.
1-9 One Star.

After winning a level, you're awarded with honor points.
You can use this to buy upgrades for your hero and towers.
Hero has the ability to stun enemies. You can unlock it with honor points.
Wind spell can be used to delay and disrupt enemies movement.
Maximize the use of wind spell because it has a quick cooldown.

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