Sunday, September 21, 2014

Eternal Fate Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Use Summoning Crystal to bring a new hero to our Army Tap on the Summon Heroes button.
Drag the summoning crystal to the summoner slot.
Summoning a hero takes time. The stronger the hero, the more time they will take to summon. You can summon a Hero instantly using Rubies!
Tap the Speed Up button to summon a new hero!
To gain more crystals, defeat monsters and dungeons or purchase crystals by tapping the Buy More button.

Use Gold to train heroes and make them stronger!
Move the hero you want to train over to the training slot.
Training will cost a little gold each time, but stronger heroes in your  loadout will help you explore further.


  • Check your leader-board rank often - prizes are handed out based on your rank at the end of an event!
  • Talk to the people in the Tower of Fate to learn more about the world of Eternal Fate!
  • Having trouble making progress? Train your Heroes with Gold to increase their level!
  • Increase the number of heroes you can collect by increasing your rank or buy additional slots from the Heroes menu!
  • The Higher the difficulty of a stage, the more Event Points you earn. Play the hardest stages to climb up the leaderboard!
  • Come back when a new event stars - you never know what new adventures will await you!
  • Health Potions are used immediately when you find them.

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