Saturday, July 26, 2014

Witch Puzzle RPG Guide Cheats - How to play and Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

WitchPuzzleRPG Guide

  • Defeat all the minions of demon. Regain the princess from the demons.
  • If you arrange 4 or more the same block, the block will be destroyed.
  • When you destroy the block, you can attack a monster.
  • When you tap the two blocks, the block is replaced.
  • If it is within the time limit, any number of times you can swap the block.
  • Destroy the blocks of the lot within the time limit.
  • That element power can accumulate when you destroy the block.
  • By element power is maximized, the level goes up.
  • When number that is is displayed on top of the monster becomes 0. That monster come to attack.

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