Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tower Boxing Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Tower Boxing Guide

How to Play
Tap left to move at the left and punch the tower building and tap right to move at the right and punch the tower building. Be careful with the balcony of the building and if you hit them, the game will be over. Also you should pay attention to your timer, if the time expires, its game over. However you can increase it by punching the tower building.

Tower Boxing Guide/Tips

The faster you punch the faster your timer will regenerate, however the higher the score the faster will deplete your timer as well.

Best tip to avoid balcony:  Before you can switch to the other side of the tower building, make sure you're just one tap away from the balcony. Similar with the game flappy bird, in flappy bird you need to be closer to the lower pipe before you can tap/jump to avoid higher pipes. When you're just one tap away from the balchony, just double tap to the other side at very fast rate, don't worry you won't get hit.

  • Ballboa: Unlocked
  • Goat: Coins 300
  • Drago: Coins 700
  • Ballrock: Coins 300
  • Paul Bunyan: Coins 1200
  • Kangoo Mom: Coins 1200
  • Barbarian: Coins 2000
  • Ivan: Coins 200
  • Beer Girl: Coins 2600
  • Hans: Coins 2600
  • Tiger Woods: Coins 3600
  • KGBear: Coins 3600
  • Roarzilla: Unlocked
  • Gandorf: Coins 5000
  • Zombie: Coins 5000
  • Heavyweight Champ: Coins 6000
  • Banana Kong: Coins 6000
  • Slayin Knight: Coins 6000
Tower Boxing No Ads Cheat

Playing Tower Boxing app is very annoying because it has intrusive ads, some ads may pop at random times, other ads will consume the screen space. However in this cheat, you can play Tower Boxing app without annoying ads :)

How to play without annoying ads?

You should turn your wifi off before you launch the Tower Boxing app. In-case you already open the Tower Boxing app, just force close or use the multitask button and swipe it out.

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