Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ninja Smasher! Guide Cheats - Map and Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Ninja Smasher Guide

Always check your map to save time and find unexplored areas. Go to menu and tap the map tab. Every dungeon, houses has separate mini map also. If you encounter an area that requires new abilities to be able to proceed, just memorize the area and comeback if you got the required abilities. Roam to any unexplored areas to get new abilities.

Potions are useful when you encounter difficult enemies especially bosses. You cannot assign your potions to the slots, instead if you want to use the potions just go to menu and ta[ the item tab.

These are your skills or abilities that you can perform to hit enemies or to proceed to another area. Ninjitsu uses SP, so carry a Potion of Magic always!
  • Max HP starts at 500g
  • Max SP starts at 500g
  • Shuriken 10g 20 each
  • Potion of Healing 50g and heal 8 HP
  • Potion of EX Healing 200g and heal Max HP
  • Potion of Magic 50g and heal 8 SP
  • Potion of EX Magic 200g and heal Max SP
Here is my current MAP and you may use it as your guide