Monday, August 18, 2014

NFL Showdown Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

NFL SHOWDOWN  Player's Guide for Android/iPhone Game

Energy Boosts
Energy is consumed during games and practice. Use energy boosts to maximize physical performance.

Confidence Boosts
Confidence is affected by on field performance. Use confidence boosts to gain a mental edge.

Health Packs
Injuries can occur during games and practice. Use health pack to speed up the recovery time.

Player Skills
Each position has a unique set of skills. Improving your players skills is your key to success.

Skill Upgrades (Manual)
Choose which specific skill(s) you want to upgrade. Tap anywhere on the skill bars to upgrade. "You can continue to upgrade even after the bars are full".

Skill Upgrades (Auto)
Auto Assign is the quickest way to use your upgrades. Upgrades will be evenly distributed across all skills.

Personal Trainer
Hire a personal trainer to quickly transform any player into one of the league's best.

League Levels
Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum skill color ranges are based on your league level. " make the playoffs to earn league level promotions.

Renewing Contracts
Player contracts must be renewed before they expire or the player will end up leaving your team.

Releasing Players
Release players from your roster to reduce your payroll and make room for new free agents.

Selling Players
Sell your players to earn extra cash. Unsold players will be returned to your roster.

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