Friday, August 15, 2014

Heroes Charge Cheats Guide - iPhone Android and Strategy Tips

Heroes Charge Guide

How to PROMOTE your heroes?
To be able to promote your heroes, your hero should equipped all 6 gears.

How to obtain all 6 gears for your heroes?
Gears can be loot in certain stages or chapters. Some gears needs to be craft, don't worry those recipes are gears also!

What are the benefits on being promoted?
Heroes increases your Stats, Stat Growth, Max HP, Physical Attack, Magic Power, Armor, Magic Resistance, Physical Crit and Energy Regen
You may obtain skills for your hero and up to 4 hero skills you can obtain.

Stage Tips
If you have experiencing difficulties in your current normal stage, try lower elite stages to earn items, more coins and diamonds (quest rewards). Just comeback to your current normal stage if you upgraded enough your heroes.

Complete your Quests to get free items!

Team Level Up
Increases your current stamina, max stamina and max hero level.

You can buy 6 different items with limited stocks and it refreshes at every 9:00 AM

August Signin Rewards
You can get rewards items daily for free, just login and claim your rewards.