Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dawn of the Immortals Guide - Hints: Cheats and Tips

Dawn of the Immortals Guide iPhone and Android

In-Game Events that will give you free/bonus items!

Online Reward Event
You can get items by waiting for the remaining time to expire in online reward event.

Daily Discount Event
Each day, one item will be discounted. Promotions will refresh at midnight. Limit one per character per day.

Log-in Reward Event
There are two types of Log-in Reward Event! 
First is the accumulative log-in reward, you can get new rewards each day when you sign in regardless if you miss a day or more!
Second is the continuous log-in reward, you can get new rewards each day when you sign in continuously.

Level Reward
You can get free items for each specific level required! 

Recharge reward
For every recharge you do, you can get items for free!

Membership Privilege
You can get Daily Membership Reward and Weekly Membership Reward if you have a membership privilege.

How to Soul Enhance

Open Menu -> Select Soul Enhance -> Select what to enhance - > Confirm enhance
Enhancement will permanently increase your character's attributes. Changing your equipment won't remove the Enhancement.
Enhancement takes Soul Stones.

How to Embed

Open Menu -> Open Forge Menu -> Select Embedding -> Select What to embed -> Select Gem -> Confirm Embedding
You can preview Gem Attributes and cost. The number on the gem is its level.

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