Friday, August 15, 2014

Arcane Soul Guide - Cheats: The Strategy Tips

Arcane Soul Guide - Cheats for Android and iPhone

Map Guide

In Map Menu you can choose the stage to enter and your options here.
Select a stage and the info for the chosen stage is shown. You can choose the difficulty and the item buff.
There are Easy, Normal, Hard in difficulty. The harder level the stronger enemies are and the drops and rewards are greater.
A reward will be given after cleansing all Easy, Normal, Hard difficulties.
You can choose a buff before you enter the stage and the buff is maintained until the stage is cleared or you die. However you need to pay if you want a buff.

Character Guide

Level uping will raise your maximum HP and reward you with 2 stat points to spend to your ability.
In character menu, where you can view your item and abilities of character. Also can switch to other characters along with spending your stat points to raise your ability.
You may cancel spending stat points before clicking confirm button.
If you want to undo the stat point investment, press stat reset and pay the penalty.

Skill Guide

The Skill Menu where you may organize your already learned skill or resell the maximized skill for gold.
The Action Skills are used without skill slot or spending MP points but you will not gain levels for them.
The Passive Skills are always maintained and are account exclusive so that other characters can use them.
The Action Skills must be equipped in the skill slot to be used. They use MP points and require cool down.

Inventory Guide

Inventory Menu: Items earned through battle can be upgraded, worn, or sold for gold here.
Weapon Tab: manages items that increase character's attack.
Armor Tab: manages items that increase character's defense.
Pet Tab: manages items that support the character.
Consumable Tab: manages items that the character can consume.
Can increase the maximum inventory slot by spending gold through inventory expand.

Shop Guide

Shop Menu: Where can buying items that character strengthen it.
Shop items can renew its inventory through clearing a stage or item list reload. Rare items can appear for a low chance.
Weapon Tab: Weapon sells items that increase character's attack ability. Better weapon can more easily defeat enemies.
Armor Tab: Armor sells item that increase character defense. Better armor can more easily stand from attack.
Consumables Tab: Consumables sells useful items that the character can consume.
Scrolls Tab: Scroll sells that you can acquire the equipment and pet randomly. Pet can only be acquired through scrolls.

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