Sunday, July 13, 2014

Uppercup Football Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Uppercup Football (Soccer) Guide

The ball is played in the direction shown by the arrow rotating around the player.
To get past the obstacles, you'll have to lob the ball! Press the button and keep it pressed.
If you release the button when the bar is full, the ball will go higher and further.

When an opponent has the ball, you can try to get it back. You have 2 options:
Tackle the opponent by charging into him, or try to intercept the ball by moving into the path of the pass.
As for passing, the defender will move in the direction shown by the rotating arrow.
Press at the right moment. (and for the right length of time) to move your defender.

Watch out - for every goal you concede, you'll be one goal further from your objective.
You must compete your objective before your time runs out.

You'll get a yellow card when you're too aggressive when trying to recover the ball.
If it happens again, you'll get a red card a paper bag over your head.
If you get a red card, the player gets a paper bag to wear over his head, and obviously plays much worse!

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