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Shall we date? : Scarlet Fate+ Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Shall we date? : Scarlet Fate+ Guide

How to Play

Shall we date? : Scarlet Fate+ is a romance simulation game where you fall in love with the character of your choice.
It's a simple, tap-operated game, but great fun! Here we're going to explain how to get the most out of the game.

Look at photos of your memories together with him!
As you progress through the story, choices will appear. Depending on the choices you make, you can receive photos (still images) of memorable scenes together with him.
Photo memories can be viewed at any time by going to Album from the menu.

Get love letters from him!
Depending on your choices, there may be times when you receive love letters from him. Letters can be checked from the Letter Box in the menu. For each character there are many letters, and each letter contains different memories with him, so please try to acquire and read them all!

Together at last...
There are three types of ending. The ending you receive depends on your love meter, which goes up and down depending on the choices you make during the story. Try and get the best ending!

Why not start a romance with another character?
Once you finish one character's story, you can start a new romance with a different character. A new romance awaits you!

Ways to Enjoy the Game
Complete missions!
You can check the details of available missions by going to Mission List from the menu. When you complete a mission, you'll receive an item that will help you progress in the story.

Try your luck on the Try your luck on the Treasure Box!
Treasure Box is a minigame made to add fun and excitement to the game. Treasure Box has a power to get lucky items, in which you can use to strengthen your performance in this game.

Treasure Box can be played using gem or Eros key. You can get your hands on lots of valuable items, and even limited edition avatars. Play more and get more items to help you advance in the story.

Get on the rankings!
There are daily rankings for story progress and charm levels. Compete with your rivals in love!

Get rewards for inviting friends to play!
When you invite a friend to play the game, both you and your friend will receive a special bonus. Invite as many friends as you can!

Increase your number of friends!
Having more friends will make it easier to progress through the story. Make lots of friends and help each other out!
1. Greet and leave comments.
-There is no limit to how many greetings and comments you can send to friends.
2. Check your friends' activity.
If your friends do any of the following things, they will be displayed in the Friend Activity section of the Social screen.
- Receive an ending
- Acquire a photo
- Complete a mission
3. Receive rewards for making more friends.
When you greet friends or leave them comments, you'll receive gem as a reward. As your level goes up, your maximum number of friends increases. Advance in the story and try to level up every day!

Get cute avatar items!
By going to Avatar Shop, you can try on various different avatar items. Make a cute avatar outfit and impress your friends!

Play the game every day!
If you keep logging in every day, you'll be able to receive gem and items! Be careful though, if you miss a day, your daily login count will go back to 1. The login count is refreshed every day at 4 am (PST).

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