Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hero Dream Guide Best Ways to Obtain, Tips & Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Hero Dream Guide

Hero Card includes Normal and Super Card. Super Card has better attribute and its first attack in battle will be crit. There are 100 levels in each star level (1-6 Star) The higer the stars and levels, the stronger the heroes are.
All the heroes can be fortified and heroes above 3-star can be evolved.

Ways to obtain:
1. Trial of Tower
2. Summon
3. Elite Dungeon.

Gear Star levels range from 1 to 6 and have different levels from range 1 to 100 according to the star level. The higher the stars and level the stronger the goal.

Ways to obtain:
1. Adventure [Dungeon]
2. Treasure Chest
3. Combine

The Starting Hero can be Evolved to the 5th Tier and a Super Hero Card.
When the starting heroes become super hero cards, they can evolve their stars. The starting heroes can be evolve up to 6 stars. The amount of times you can evolved differs between heroes.

Evolve Requirements:
1. Heroes must reach a certain level
2. Gold
3. Required Items

Fortify is the key to leveling up heroes. Choose the hero to fortify for the main card. After upgrading the material card, it will change into the main card and then disappear. You can choose several heroes at a time.

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