Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Flyff Puzmon - Strategy Guide: Cheats and Tips for Android and iPhone

Flyff Puzmon Guide

I want to play the game with another hero. How can I add one?
Please move to the 'Option > Change Hero' page. You can buy a new hero slot with 10 Puzs.

What kind of jobs can my hero have?
When the level of a Vagrant reaches 20, it can advance its class to one of Mercenary, Acrobat, Assist and Magician.
Different jobs means different attributes and abilities.
The class advance cannot be undone so ensure to choose the class that is right for you.

Why should I level up my hero?
Level up to improve the hero and Puzmons' HP and Attack power.

How can I strengthen my hero?
Clear the dungeons to get EXP. Use Puzmons to defeat your enemy and level up your hero.
Hero will become more powerful with stonger Puzmons.

How can I equip my Puzmon cards?
Tab 'Hero' button, then 'Change Puzmon'.
There you can select up to 6 puzmons to fight by your side.

How can I get Puzmons?
Puzmon may drop when you clear a dungeon.
Or you can buy them right from the shop.

How can I evolve my Puzmons?
When a Puzmon reaches level 10, its upgrade button will change to evolve button.
Gems and Puzs are used when evolving your Puzmon, so ensure you evolve right Puzmon.

Where can I buy the gems for evolving my Puzmons?
Gems can only be obtained from dungeons.
Hunt down the gems to evolve your Puzmons to maximum power.

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