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Transformers:Age Of Extinction Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Transformers:Age Of Extinction Guide


Transformers:Age Of Extinction is a kind of game that uses "energy" to be able to play a single mission. Either "Win or Lose" you will still lose energy if you play a single mission. So you will be limited of number of missions you can play for a certain amount of time. Use "reminder apps" to remind you, that you can get full "energy" for a specific of time. I recommend to use "tasker" app, it can automatically set a reminder after you exit the TRANSFORMERS: BATTLE GAME app.


Each enemy robots have different abilities. You can exploit their weakness based on their abilities.

Charging Robot: Use melee attack when near otherwise use gun.
Plasma Robot: Avoid plasma either by transforming into a car or dodge the plasma. Hit them when they turned into a mobile car.
Laser Robot: Avoid laser by transforming into a car. Hit them when they turned into a mobile car.
Landmine Robot: Avoid those landmines and hit them in distance with your gun and when you are near with him, just use melee attack.
Shotgun Robot: Avoid shotgun shots by transforming in to a car as soon as possible.


Decepticon forces have taken over locations all over the city. These locations are marked by the Decepticon symbol with three empty star markers below. Completing a mission objective will unlock the next location. Swipe across the map to reveal other mission locations.


Each mission will have 3 objectives. Completing them will grant mission rewards and a star which can be used to unlock specific characters. Once all three objectives are completed, an Autobot symbol will appear. Certain objectives will require a specific action from the player, keep that in mind when you begin your assault. Missions can be replayed for additional rewards even after all three objectives have been completed.


You will encounter many enemies when entering the mission, each one with a distinct look and attack pattern. The key to success is recognizing these enemies early and engaging them before they grow in number and become an even larger threat. When an enemy takes damage their health bar will become visible, once destroyed they will leave Sparks that can be picked up which grants a bonus to your score.


Mission progress with split at certain points on the map. These special missions will require a specific character to be unlocked before you are able to engage the threat in that location. Character specific missions will have more valuable rewards so unlock as many characters as you can to obtain them.


The LOADOUT menu is where you will select and equip your available TRANSFORMERS character and unlock new ones. As you switch between available TRANSFORMERS characters their equipped gear will appear to the right. Each TRANSFORMERS character will have a base MELEE, RANGED, and TECH gear. Tapping on any of these will bring up your available inventory for that gear type. You will also be able to launch into a mission from the Loadout screen. .


Tapping on one of the gear categories to the right of the selected TRANSFORMERS character will bring you to the gear selection menu. All equippable gear for your character will be displayed here along with each gear's unique stats and level. Any gear that cannot be equipped will by a specific character will be marked with an icon. Tapping the UPGRADE button will increase your Gear's level and base stats provided you have enough resources. Once you have selected your desired gear tap the EQUIP button complete the Loadout change. You may also sell your gear by tapping the SELL button. You can sell one or multiple gears.


You may change into any unlocked character by tapping on the arrows to the left and right of the TRANSFORMERS character. Locked TRANSFORMERS characters will display the required resources in order to add them to your character roster. Most characters will require STARS to unlock, earn these by completing mission objectives. TRANSFORMERS characters increase in level through XP which can be obtained from completing missions. Tapping the down arrow next to the XP bar will bring your to your TRANSFORMERS character's detailed stats. Here you will be able to further upgrade your character using Upgrade Materials earned through completing missions. This allows your TRANSFORMERS characters to reach higher levels of experience.


Missions require Energon. At the bottom right of the Loadout screen is a button that indicates the amount needed to start a mission. If you do not have enough Energon you will be prompted to use an Enegon Recharge or to wait until the Energon Meter has refilled.

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