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Run for Money Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Run for Money Guide


A number of stages have been prepared within each game zone. The easier stages
cost less Luna to play, but do not offer as great a reward upon completion. Conversely,
the higher difficulty stages will cost more Luna to play, but will offer better rewards.
Each stage is made up of various scenarios; listening to the people you come across and
helping them with their various trials and tribulations might even lead to something good
for you as well.


You can use this feature to change the hair, face, tops, bottoms and shoes of your
avatar. Hair, tops, bottoms and shoes can also offer considerable boosts to your Speed,
Stamina and Stealth ratings. Be sure to check out any new clothing items that you obtain,
especially when you find super rare items!


The higher your Speed rating is, the faster you can run and dash in the game. Be
sure to equip items for your avatar with a high Speed rating to help evade the Hunters.


The higher your Stealth rating is, the harder it is for Hunters to detect you.
When you have a high Stealth rating, you can avoid detection by Hunters even when at the
same distance (within reason). Equipping items with high Stealth ratings can help prevent
the Hunters from picking up on your trail.


The higher your Stamina is, the longer you will be able to use the Dash function.
You can increase your Stamina by equipping avatar items with high Stamina ratings.


Each item for your avatar has a Durability rating. This rating will decrease by 1
for each stage you play. When an item reaches 0 Durability, then its boosts to your
abilities will decrease greatly and negatively affect your performance. You can repair
your items by going to the Shop from your MyPage.

Try Points

Try Points are a type of points that can be earned upon completing stages within
Run for Money. The amount of Try Points that you can earn in a stage will depend on the
amount of Luna earned, the number of missions cleared, and the final result for the stage.


Depending on your performance within Run for Money and your Try Points, you can
earn a Class that ranges in value from F, E, D, C, B, and A. There will be special events
that require you to be of a certain Class, so be sure to work hard and increase your Class
so you're ready when the day comes.

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