Friday, June 6, 2014

Rival Knights Guide DEF, SPD, POW and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Rival Knights Guide

How to Play

Tap in time with the Go to get a starting speed bonus.

Tap on the perfect zone to accelerate, the acceleration depends on the zone.

Drag to aim, the circle shrinks as your lance aligns with the target.

A perfect START, HIGH SPEED and HIT will earn more coins!

A good jouster needs three things:
  1. Enough DEFENSE to absorb the shock.
  2. A good amount of SPEED.
  3. Plenty of POWER in his lance.
Defense, Speed and Power Guide

Each match is based on three separate contests: Defense, Speed and Power. The jouster who wins the most contests wins the match.

Highest defense wins the contest. Defense comes from your helm and armor.

The maximum speed is determined by the horse itself, but the final speed depends on how well you perform at the start and during acceleration.

The maximum Power is determined by the lance, but the final Power depends on your aiming performance.

Tip: Always check your weight of your equipment. You have to keep it under the horse's limit. It's not affected by the upgrades.

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