Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Penalty Shootout Cheats and Guide for Android/iPhone Game

World Cup Penalty Shootout Guide

Shooting Goal Tricks

1.) Swipe outside followed by swipe inside.
Swipe to the left or right and make it longer so that the ball will go outside, followed it by swiping inside for the ball to go inside and score a goal. This trick eliminates the chance of being blocked while the ball is going outside, you're only risk is when you swipe it inside.

2.) Swipe the ball towards the goal keeper then followed by fast swipe either to the left or right.
When you swipe the ball towards the goal keeper, if it is correctly align to the goal keeper, the goal keeper will only stand and do the catch stance. If the goalkeeper do the catch stance, just swipe your ball to the left or right at very fast rate. The goal keeper will not jump or attempt to block it.

3.) Swipe the ball to the left or to the right at near distance of the goal keeper and then followed it by swiping down.
When you do the trick, the goal keeper will jump towards to which direction you swipe. You must swipe down first before he can jump so you should master it. Swiping down means the goal keeper cannot block it because of he jumps.

World Cup Penalty Shootout Cheats

Playing Penalty Shootout app is very annoying because it has intrusive ads, some ads may pop at random times, other ads will consume the screen space. However in this cheat, you can play Penalty Shootout app without annoying ads :)

How to play without annoying ads?

You should turn your wifi/3G/4G internet connection off before you launch the Penalty Shootout app. In-case you already open the Penalty Shootout app, just force close or use the multitask button and swipe it out.

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