Saturday, June 28, 2014

Inferno Legend OL Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Inferno Legend OL Guide

It's Worth Remembering...

You will get loads of diamond every time a full stage is cleared
Thunder dark servitors are good at magic attacks.
Ice Dark servitors are good at defending.
Click on your opponent and hold the right button to check their information when in combat.
Dark Servitors with high defense should be placed in your most vulnerable positions.
The color of equipment affects not only its additional attributes, but also its basic attributes.
In certain situations, a common dark servitor can be more important than an elite one.
You can buy back sold or abandoned items form shops in main cities.
Buffs of the same type(e.g defensive buffs) cannot exist at the same time.
Daily quest rewards are well worth the effort. Dont forget to claim them!
The range of AoE skills will increase when they reach level 5.
New items are constantly appearing on the shelves of the Mystic Shop.
A dark servitor's lineage can be transferred to other dark servitors.
Wickedness is important. Daily arena rewards await!
Totems are effective on all player and dark servitor equipment.
The first five exchanges you make in the bank each day are the most cost-effective.
Lineage and Faith rewards will both increase after clearing the temple and the dragon's den.

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