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Dungeon Gems Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Dungeon Gems Guide

Elemental Forces
Heroes are associated with one of five elemental forces: Fire, Water, Wood, Dark or Light.

Water defeats Fire.
Fire defeats Wood.
Wood defeats Water.
Light and Dark restrain each other.

These weakening forces are called elemental counterforces.

Active Skills
Each hero has specific skill set
Active skills: select and use a hero whose active skill is most useful in your current quest.
Leader skills: Heroes with a leader skill can use this special ability when you select them as your team leader. Tap your hero's icon to see which skill they can provide.

Energy Points & Cost
Energy points: Every time you enter a new quest, it costs you some energy points. If you are out of Energy Points, you wait until they replenish, or choose "share" in the "no-energy" pop up to immediately recover 30% of your energy.
Cost: Each hero has a cost. The more powerful a hero, the more expensive they are to use. A hero's cost will increase as you level them up.
Level: Leveling up replenish all of your energy points.

A helper is another player who you've asked to fight alongside you before you begin a quest. This player can be either a friend or random player. When quest is completed, both of you will receive a certain number of friend points as a reward.

Lv. - The hero's level.
ATK - The hero's attack points in the hero's element.
COST - The hero's cost when adding them to your team. If the cost of one hero is more than the total cost limit of the team, then that hero cannot be added to the team.
HP - The hero's health points.
Rec - The hero's recovery points during battle. It represent the HP recovery per Heart Rune.
Evolution - Shows the hero's current stage and the max stage to which the hero can evolve.

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