Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cross Horizon Global Guide, Cheats and Tips for Android/iOS Game

Cross Horizon Global Guide

How do I manage friends?
Your friends can be managed from the Bar, found within the Castle. You can manage existing friends, find new ones, and add more to your list from within the bar. Once you have added friends, you can add them to your party; send them greetings and messages.

What are friend points?
Friend points are an in game currency, that is earned by adding and interacting with friends in game, or other social activities. Friend points can be spent in the Black Market and Shop.

What is the Fairy Store?
The Fairy Store is a premium shop where adventurers can purchase convenience items to aid them on their adventure. All of the items in the Fairy Store are purchased using Mana, and provide. You can also purchase Mana in the Fairy Store.

What is Mana?
Mana is a premium currency, earned through in game activities or purchased as a real money transaction. Mana is typically to purchase items found in the Fairy Store or to complete a Draw in the Black Market.

How do I improve my ranking?
To improve your ranking, you need to earn rank points. Rank points are generally earned as a reward for completing missions. More difficult missions can sometimes provide greater rank point rewards!

When you uninstall the game, what happens to the user data?
On iOS6 and Android devices, when you re-install the game, you will be able to recover your save data. Follow below steps to recover save data after uninstalling and re-installing the game. (iOS6 or earlier, Android Only) 1. Re-install the app on the device you uninstalled. 2. After launching the app, you will see a pop up message if you want to use the previous data if it is available. 3. After the pop up message, select "Yes" and you will be able to retrieve the save data. * Devices with iOS7 or later will not be able to retrieve previous save data.

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