Saturday, June 14, 2014

Criminal Legacy Guide Free Gears and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Criminal Legacy Guide

Want Free Gifts? Just Login Daily!
You will get gifts when you just log daily, you can also get the aristocrat dominator, a three star gear when you login for 30 days!

Want Free Gear Set? 
Just go the google play store, search criminal legacy, go to the comment/review sections and search for codes! Do this within 24 hours or the offer will expire.

How to enhance a gear?
Build Enhancement Bar! You can improve and enhance your gear.

Basic Steel Piece: Used to craft element gear sets!
Used to craft Uncommon Steel element gear sets!

Choose the base gear set you would like to enhance from your inventory.
Now select 1 up to 4 gears to be used for enhancing your base gear: Remember, you gears will be disappear after you successfully enhance your base gear.

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