Saturday, June 14, 2014

Band Stars Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Band Stars Guide

Song Points
Band members have 5 stats: Lyrics, Creativity, Melody, Rhythm and Polish.
Select a band member with high Lyrics and Creativity stats to write the song.
Your band members create song points during writing, recording and mixing.
Matching a band member's stats to the right instrument creates more song points.
The more song points, the better your song will do the charts!

Solos are great way to boost your song points!
Solos cost 30 Inspirado each.
Add extra inspirado and boost your solo to green zone.
Avoid the red zone though as your solo time will run out faster!
This icon represents the number of fans you've won over with a song!

Band Members
Buy Furniture to recharge your band members energy.
There are two ways to recharge a band member to full energy.
Either drag them onto FURNITURE or to recover energy instantly, tap a band member and select drink.
The My Band screen allows you to manage your band members.
You can hire new band members by holding auditions.
More expensive audition types return better musicians.
Auditions take time. But you can use energy drinks to hurry them up.
Use Training to improve your band member's stats!

If you repeat combinations of genre and lyrics too often, your song won't do as well.
Invite friends to play Band Stars. You can feature their musicians to give your songs a boosts!

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