Thursday, June 5, 2014

Arcane Battlegrounds Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Arcane Battlegrounds Guide

Train troops in Garrison to battle!
Build defensive structure to defend your base!
Upgrade buildings and battle to get resources!
Join an alliance so your mates can speed up your upgrades!
Facebook friends can boost production, so invite them .
Practice against your troops in war game.

Building Tips

Tip: Train troops here to be able battle and get resources.

Tip: Upgrade to house more troops

Tip: Improve troops and Spells

Tip: Those that are willing to assist the kingdom make themselves available at the bestiary.

Hall of Magic
Tip: Craft magical spells which can be used during attacks.

Tip: Creatures of a demonic nature and those attuned with the darker side of magic reside in the crypt.

Tip: A great defense against attackers on the ground.

Fireball Tower
Tip: Shoot conjured firballs long distances at incoming enemies.

Tip: Protect your kingdom with fortified walls. Upgrade to increase their defensive power.

Tip: Hurls a large boulder into the air at the enemies, dealing damage to all enemies in an area.

Blade Trap
Tip: Surprise attackers with a spring-loaded trap full of razor-sharp blades! Completely hidden until it is triggered!

Dragon Bow
Tip: Shoots enemies out of the air with precise strikes.

Smoke Bomb
Tip: Clouds the area in smoke when attackers get close, reducing the damage and movement speed of enemies caught inside.

Lightning Obelisk
Tip: Zaps an enemy with a bolt of lightning shocking nearby enemies as well.

Poison Lotus
Tip: Unleashes a deadly poison on attackers when triggered, damaging them slowing their movement.

Mana launcher
Tip: Launches a concentrated ball of mana at enemies, dealing damage to all enemies in the impact zone.

Defense Strategy

Surround your base with walls, an upgraded walls makes it more difficult to destroy.
Put Defense buildings inside the base "wall covered" and make sure defense buildings can attack those who try to destroy the walls.
Make sure that the walls and defense buildings are well distanced, this is to protect your defense buildings from ranged enemies troops.
Don't simultaneously upgrade your defense buildings at the same time. Remember if you upgrade defense buildings, those buildings are inactive.

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