Thursday, June 12, 2014

Angry Birds Epic Best Guide and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Battle Guide can be found here Mini Guide for Battles (In Game)

Basic Mini Guide

  • Ask your friends once a day for free friendship essence.
  • Sign in with your Rovio Account to share your game progress across multiple devices.
  • Daily Golden Pig: Catch the daily Golden Pig and bountiful rewards await you.
  • Don't miss a day, or the chain will be reset. Login to facebook now to get your daily bonus coin!
  • Gain all three stars to get more loot.
  • Friendship Essence it used to re-roll stuff!
  • Tap and hold anything for explanations!
  • Every level up will increase the health and attack of all birds.
  • Magic Anvil: Forge mighty weapons and off-hand items!
  • Scrap your old and unwanted equipment for bonus resources!
  • Off-hand items increase a bird's health.
  • Don't take much damage and defeat your foes quickly to gain a high score and 3 stars!
  • Gain all three stars to get more loot.
  • Bird Egg: If you rescue a bird egg, your reward would be Snoutlings!
  • Tap and hold a blueprint or recipe to see the required materials to build it.
  • Re-roll your Wheel of Fortune prizes with Friendship Essence.
  • Collect free items from harvesting spots.
  • Pig gates can be opened with the pig key of the same color.
  • Matilda: A strong healer who also packs quite a punch!
  • Chuck: A powerful wizard. Deals damage to all enemies.

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