Monday, May 26, 2014

Toy Defense 4: Sci-Fi Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Toy Defense 4: Sci-Fi Guide

The game forces you to carefully pick what tower should we choose/buy/upgrade/storage and etc. This is because, each level has a limited of 170 stars maximum you can earn. Therefore you need to have a strategy that are effective in early to late game.

Rapid Fire Laser and AA Defense System Towers Combo

Rapid Fire Laser is your main tower. The more high level Rapid Fire Laser you have, the more powerful it is.

Skill Order
Multi-Barrel Laser -> Fatal Accuracy -> Rocket Launcher

In this skill order, you will get 75% increase damage and you will lose your air attack when you upgrade to the rocket launcher however AA Defense System can solve that problem.

AA Defense System is your secondary tower. AA Defense System is very efficient for killing flying enemies.
Just upgrade them when needed because you need to save your money to upgrade Rapid Fire Lasers.

Skill Order
Vulnerability Search -> Critical Pressure -> Flying Bomb

In this skill order, you will get Blast Damage for multiple enemies and increased range/damage/critical.

Other Tips

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