Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Match: Striker Soccer G11 Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

The Match: Striker Soccer G11 Guide

Samsung Galaxy 11: The Match: Striker Soccer G11

Diagonal Shooting
This is easy to do, just go to any sides of enemies goal and shoot the ball diagonally to the goal. It has more chance to score a goal rather than shooting at straight.
Pass to Head Shooting
Go to any sides of enemies goal and face to your PLAYER Positioned in FRONT of your Enemy's goal keeper, and then press Pass button. When the pass is overhead, quickly tap your dPad to where is the goal positioned and always tap the shoot button. If successfully shoot the ball, it has 90% chance to score a goal.
Use your Players Ability
Players Ability is your special powers to get advantage from your AI enemies. You can unlocked them by beating those countries.
How to successfully unlock abilities?
Choose any country you want to unlock abilities. For every win you gain 1 Unlock Progress, For every loss you will loss 1 Unlock Progress you gain. You can successfully unlocked the abilities if you got 6 Unlock Progress.
No Loss Record Cheat
If you're score are behind and the time is not enough to make a comeback. Just force close the game by swiping it out in task manager button or go to the settings -> apps -> The Match: Striker Soccer G11 -> Force Stop or just simply turn off your device.
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