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Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja Guide

The Flow of the Game
1, Go on a journey with him! (Main Story)
When you press ”Continue our romance", you can begin the story!
For each Shinobi, there are 12 love stories (10 chapters each).

2, Get past the checkpoints!
When you progress the story, events where you have to get through a checkpoint will appear.
There are four types of checkpoints.

1. Passes
When you use the indicated number of passes, you can advance through the checkpoints.
Passes can be bought with both coins and Zeni.
Try to save Zeni from the start.

2. Friendship Level
When you surpass the indicated "Intimacy Level", you can advance through the checkpoint. The Intimacy Level will raise when you give each character's partner an avatar!

3. Minigames
When you successfully complete a minigame, you can advance through the checkpoint. It is possible to fix your chance of success. When you use an item, it is possible to increase the chance of success in the minigame!

4. Enemy Appearances
Whenever an enemy character appears, you will be stopped by that character. It is possible to advance to the next story at a fixed rate of success. It is possible to increase the chance of success by depending on your companions using items, or using power.

3, Enjoy memorable pictures with him!
As you progress the story, choices will appear. Depending on the choice, you can save one memorable scene with him as a picture (still).

Memorable pictures can be enjoyed at anytime from the "My Page" screen or the “Photo Album" in the menu.

4, Get love letters from him!
Depending on your choices, there may be times when you receive love letters from him. These can be checked from the "Letter Box" on the "My Page" screen or the menu.

For each character there are 14 letters, and each letter contains memories with him, so please try to acquire and read them all!

5, With him at last...?!
Endings have the 3 following possibilities:

1. Sweet Love Ending
2. Secret Love Ending
3. Lovesick Ending + Hidden Love Ending

All possibilities are happy endings of the highest quality.
When fulfilling specific conditions during the Lovesick ending, you can proceed to the Hidden love ending.

6, Why not go on journeys with someone else!?
When you reach the ending, try going on a journey with someone else!
Other stories await you!

Ways to Enjoy the Game
7, Relive the journeys you had with him
When you use a "Story Save Ticket", you can save a story which you have read once.
With out using any energy you can always go back and enjoy the story as many times as you want.

8, Complete tasks!
You will be asked to complete "Ninja Tasks" according to the level of your game's progress!
Please check the details of Ninja Tasks assigned from the "My Page" screen.
When you complete a job, you can receive an item that will help you progress the story.
There are also missions which allow you to acquire limited edition illustrations.
By all means, check them out!

9, Try your luck at the Ninja Lottery! (Capsule game)
The Ninja Lottery can be played with Zeni or DC.
There are 3 types of Ninja lotteries, Normal, Upper, Special.
You can receive a large quantity of valuable items, and even get limited edition avatars!
Play many times, and use the items to help progress the story!

10, Get ranked!
When you complete a lot of a story, and your friendship level with a partner is high, it is possible to get ranked!
It's a daily ranking so there's a chance to get ranked every day!
Beat your love rivals!

11, Try using items!
Various items will appear throughout the game.
Through using your items efficiently, the progression of the story will increase, and you can effectively progress the game.
Items can be purchased in the "Item Shop".

* Primary Items

11-1. Camellia Rice Cakes (Energy Restoration)
By using, you can quickly advance the story. When you're curious as to what happens next, use this and quickly find out!

11-2. Ninja Lottery Ticket (Capsule Game Ticket)
You can play the Ninja Lottery! (Normal, Upper, Special) It's exciting what you might get and if you're lucky, you might get loads of items and limited edition avatars!

11-3. Sugar Candy, Honey (Increase Love State)
Use this when you Sweet Love ending set on an ending!
When you use sugar candy, you will go towards the Sweet Love ending. When you use Honey, you will go towards the Hidden Love ending.
Just before the ending of the 11th story and final chapter is the ideal time to use your items!
You can also give items to partners as treats. When you give them items, your intimacy level will go up!

11-4. Acquiring Additional Endings
If you look at one of the endings for any of the characters, you will be able to immediately read any of the endings which you haven't seen!
When you purchase "Unlock Sweet Love ending (Enya)," not only will you be able to read it immediately but it will also be saved in the "Story Collection".
You can enjoy it at any time and as many times as you want without consuming energy.

11-5. Acquiring Pictures (Stills)
It is possible to acquire pictures (stills) which you missed out on receiving previously.
However, you can not purchase pictures which apply to a story that you have not read yet.

11-6. Pass
Needed to pass through checkpoints.

11-7. Shuriken, Bow and Arrow, and Reinforcement
Items which assist you in passing through checkpoints.

12, Try inviting others to the game!
There are limited edition illustrations and wonderful presents for inviting friends to play!
Try to invite as many friends as you can!

13, Increase the number of Friends!
If you increase the number of friends, you can gradually make it easier to progress the game!
Make many friends, and enjoy the game together!

13-1. Message, and comment!
If you message and comment, you can receive Zeni up to 20 times!
You can receive more points for messaging and commenting!

13-2. Check your companions' activity!
Under "Companions' Activity" on the "Companion" page, if the companions have done any of the following, they will be displayed.
Acquired an ending!!
Acquired a still!
Companions have increased!
Completed a Ninja Tasks!

13-3. Try to increase your friends!
If your level increases, the max number of friends you can have will increase! Level up as quickly as you can!

14, Become friends with partners, debut to friends!
When you go to the Friends Page, you can view your friends' Avatar-equipped partner.
Similarly, friends can also view your partner.
Collect avatars and show them to your friends!

15, Meet Ninjas everyday!
You can receive equipment (items) and Zeni if you login every day!
If you don't login continuously each day, the day will begin from the first day so be careful!
This will be reset every day around 4:00AM.

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