Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rugby Kicks 2 Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Rugby Kicks 2 Guide

Americas Cup - Drop Goals

Drop kick the ball over the cross bar and into the target zones before the timer runs out. the timer will get faster with each kick and if you miss the target or fail to kick and if you miss the target or fail to kick, you will lose a life. With less time for each kick, this is a true of reaction and accuracy.

Pacific Cup - Counter Attack

Score as many points as possible in a race against the clock! Hit the targets between the uprights to earn points and the clock targets to gain extra time. Once the timer hits zero, it's game over!

4 Nations - Kick to touch

Kick the ball as close to the touch line as possible to score points. Aim for the coloured target areas to score and hit the red zone for the biggest rewards. Missing a target a means losing a life so stay focused!

6 Nations - Up n Under

Kick the ball at the moving blimp targets to score as many points as possible. Time your shot perfectly, as missing the target means losing a life!


Swipe the ball into blue zone between the posts. Every successful hit will reduce the size of the zone. The smaller the blue zone is the more points you will be awarded. Compare your scores with other players from rugby 13 and fight for a spot in the top 10 leaderboard.


You must beat all of the countries in a cup and meet the required level to progress to the next tournament. Each country will be beaten by scoring enough points - you will be able to track your progress via "My Stats"

Coins and XP are earned through playing the game.

Use your coins to buy Powerups, Rugby Extras or vip packages to help you advance through the game.

You can purchase additional coins on the "Get more coins" screen, accessible via the RK coin onthe menu screens.

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