Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Record Run Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Record Run Guide

You can always change your calibration of your device to tune the experience of the game!

Your goal is to avoid obstacles to he beat of the music -- try to make it to the end of song!

Dodge these obstacles by swiping Left or Right on the screen to switch lanes.
Swipe as you cross the flashing area!

You can dodge same obstacles by switching lanes. However you'll need to jump over others.
Swipe Up on the screen to jump over an object.

You'll need to slide under some obstacles to avoid them.
Swipe Down on the screen to duck under an object.

You'll find Records scattered throughout the level. Collect them to upgrade your Boost, Customize your characters, and unlock new ones!

Dodging obstacles fills your Groove Meter, increasing your score multiplier. Try to avoid obstacles ON THE BEAT -- the better your timing is, the faster your Groove Meter will fill.

Every three times you fill your Groove Meter, the world around you will temporarily transform into Groove World, points and Records are worth double!

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