Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mother of Myth Guide Diety Cards Enhance and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Mother of Myth Guide

Diety Cards

This cards acts as your skills in-game, you can use this cards to perform special powers! When equipped, just swipe to its corresponding swipe gestures to use it. You can also enhance diety cards to improve it's ability.

How to upgrade/enhance deity cards?

Go to the map menu -> character -> diety card -> select the chosen card
When you add the card, you will see the preview of what will the chosen card gets when it will be upgraded/enhanced
When successfully enhanced, your sacrifice card will be disappeared but your chosen card will be upgraded!

Diety cards ranks as follows in-order: Grey, Green , Red, Purple and Gold. The higher ranked it is the more powerful it is. The grey can be found in normal dungeons while other ranks can be found in Elite and Chaotic dungeons

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