Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Go Kane! Guide Solution/Hints and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Go Kane! Solutions

1. Its Hightime
Your goal is to earn 125000 dollars by just doing buy and sell. Buy at 3000 dollars per pill and sell it at 50000-58000 dollars high risk or 60000 without risk.
2. Here Comes the Bride
Always choose "Leave It" until you found the Bride and choose "Take It". It will automatically go to the cut-scene and unlocks the next chapter.
3. Scumbag Secret Order
Well here's the secret. 

Buy the same stuff repeatedly until the character shows up. Reject his deal.
4. A change of, er, Heart
I am currently stuck at this level but I made some progress in this chapter that I can share in this guide. Trade three times (Buy at 3000 and Sell around 50000+), the woman will appear and will offer you. I tried to "Take It" or "Leave It" but nothing happened.
I will update this post if can find new solutions, stay tuned :)

Moreover when you are not able to crack a level, you'll be shown an option to tweet about the game. Take it, it will tell you exactly how to unlock the next chapter!

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