Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fuzion Pirates Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Fuzion Pirates Guide

Arrange the tactics you can let them fight.
The basic moving distance of soldier is 2 grids.
The basic attack distance of soldier is 3 grids.
The number found the at the bottom left of each character is the attack value.
The value at right down corner is health point. When HP is 0, the soldier is dead.
Every card has a number of diamonds display at the center top of the card.
The diamond on card stands for its quality.

1 Diamond =  Poor.
2 Diamonds = Fine.
3 Diamonds = Rare.
4 Diamonds = Super.
5 Diamonds = Legend.
6 Diamonds = God.

Every soldier has a wait value, minus 1 of wait value every round. It shows 0, soldier would play in the ground.
Click soldier in battle, you can check the details of soldier.
Swordsman is good at making high physical damage as well as attacking buff.
Sniper is good at control battlefield as well as sneaking and assassinating.
Navigator is good at dealing area of effect as well as cursing debuff.
Magician is good at healing friendly soldiers as well as defense buff.
In stores open card package is the main way to get the card.
Auto group card feature to quickly marshalling a new set of cards group.
Soldiers have the ability to strengthen the body physical damage can be reduced. So these soldiers fit in the front position assumed damage.
When the physical attack class soldiers can not cause harm to the opponent. You can use the energy class attack soldiers to attack.

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