Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow Game Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Edge of Tomorrow Game Guide

Second Mission or Rita Vrataski Mission

How to stay alive and go to the checkpoint safely.

  • The Dual Mini Missile weapon is the best weapon to use in this mission. It has large ammunition capacity, faster fire rate and powerful damage.
  • You can pick the ammunition box if the area is cleared. Clear the area first by killing aliens. When you are near to the ammunition box, be-aware of the surroundings, aliens may spawn in front,side or back of you. You can also roam and kill aliens first before you can get the ammunition box.
  • Grenade Launcher is you best secondary weapon, use it when you don't have ammo for Dual Mini Missile.
  • If you see two aliens at the same time, it is better to kill atleast 1 of the them before they can hit you.
  • Since you only live once "YOLO" it is better to walk slowly while approaching to the checkpoint. I recommend to walk a few meters and stop. The game has coordinated trigger points just like mines, when you step on it, it will trigger. However in this game, when you walk/step on the trigger points, it has time delay for about 2 seconds for the aliens to spawn. So it is better to walk, stop, look for aliens, kill aliens, rinse and repeat until you can get to the checkpoint.