Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dragon Bane Guide, Tips, Strategy and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Dragon Bane Guide

How to gain Gold?

You can Gold through completing quest, claiming daily commission, opening Dragon Chest, participating in Arena, Tournament or World Boss events. Login Dragon Bane continuously will also earn you lots of gold.

How to gain Reputation?

Reputation is vital in the game. With enough of it, you can recruit powerful companions to fight by your side. You can gain reputation through PvP fights in the Arena, Exploration, World Boss, Tournament and packages in the starfire crest shop.


Forging: Forge your gears to gain extra stats bonus.
Synthesize: Elite bosses will drop synthesize plans.
Shop: You can buy green quality equipment in the equipment shop.

Level Up

Quest: Keep questing is the fastest way to level up.
Instance: Farming instances to Earn Exp.
Hunting: Completing Exp Hunting Quest to level your Companions much faster.

How to refill Stamina?

5 Stamina will be generated every 30 minutes. You can also buy some extra stamina with diamonds.

What do the three primary stats do?

STR affects your Physical Attack and Defense; TEC affects your Skill attack and Defense; INT affects your Magic attack and Defense.

Daily Benefits

  • Daily Commission gives you decent amount of gold everyday.
  • You can login to claim the Login Rewards once a day.
  • Sharing your Dragon Bane Achievements on Facebook will earn you lots of free diamonds by completing the Routines.