Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Aircraft Combat 1942 Guide Sniper Shot and Cheats for Android/iPhone Game

Aircraft Combat 1942 Guide

Best "Strategy" to beat Missions and Ace Fights

In Missions, you need to kill all enemy planes. While in Ace Fights you need to kill a single enemy plane however the single enemy plane will have more health and firepower.

Your Planes has 3 stats and 3 abilities. Those three stats are Armor, Speed and Energy. Those three abilities are Accelerate, Shotgun Shot and Sniper Shot.
Sniper Shot is your best abilities and each plane has different set of abilities. Some of them don't have Shotgun Shot or don't have Sniper Shot, some of them have both! 

In this strategy, it is recommended to get a plane with Sniper Shot. Sniper Shot can kill enemy planes in one shot! 

But what are the advantages of using Sniper Shot compared with Shotgun Shot and Normal Shot?

Shotgun Shot can kill enemy planes instantly however you need to be really closer to the enemy planes.
Normal Shot is just your regular attack, it deals good damage but you need to hit them multiple times for them to be killed.
Sniper Shot can 1 hit KO enemy planes at any distance! With Sniper Shot you can kill multiple enemies for a short period of time compared to those Normal Shots.

How to be more efficient with Sniper Shot?

Red box is your indicator to indicate an incoming enemy plane. You should  put your crosshair to the center of the red box accurately. Practice makes perfect! After that, just do the quick scoping. Quick scoping is a method to save time between scoping and shooting. To do the quick scoping, press scope button and press the attack button many times to be able to fire your sniper shot immediately. Don't worry it will likely to get hit as long as before you do the quick scoping you must already put your crosshair to the center of the red box.